You Can’t Un-jump the Gun

Ever wonder what the idiom “jump the gun” means or where it came from? Probably not. But if you think about it… jumping the gun… I’ll bet you think it is similar to ‘jump the broom’ which comes from two possible sources. The first derives from 19th Century Britain when civil marriages began to be recognized as valid in contrast to traditional church marriages blessed by a clergyman. The second is a possible older source coming from the Romani people of Wales in which the wedded couple actually jumps over the common broom plant rather than the household version used to sweep floors. Two very different things as evidenced in the below included images.

Of course, the bride and groom weren’t expected to leap over an entire broom plant, but just the branches of one, most likely to ensure fertility or good fortune. On the other hand, ‘broomstick marriages’ became known as marriages of dubious validity. Shacking up as it is now called by most, and often referred to as ‘common law’ marriage in more polite society, which is called politically correct society. SSDD.

Marriage has meant many things to many people ever since people became people. The fantasy of having one husband and many wives was never really practical for the general population mainly due to financial considerations.Therefore marriage is more often recognized as a union, by law or spirit, between two people for the sake of producing offspring. And yet, since we no longer need to produce offspring in such great numbers to assure the survival of the species, marriage no longer requires the production of children or even the intent of procreation. At least, the common western idea of marriage is loosely based on love and law and the idea of having a life-long companion.

Not so in other countries where, as most westerners are aware, multiple wives are still available for men who can afford them. These practices are perfectly normal in countries where the number of children killed variously by disease, war, famine or mothers trying to have only sons to fill their husband’s with pride is inordinately high. These countries are considered to be ‘Third World’ countries where living conditions are less than ideal. I am not really referring to China when I say some mothers actually kill their infant daughters because husbands demand she produce male children in order to ensure HIS lineage. The infanticide of daughters is as old as the hills. Daughters can be liabilities in some societies while sons are venerated. All of this is quite confusing and ass backwards, if you ask me, which you didn’t. Depending on the ‘raising’ and the societal ideals, women and men can be virtually indistinguishable as adults with women taking on traditionally male roles and vice versa


I would like to see the world drinking a Coke together, holding hands and singing in tune, but I will not see this global tranquility in my lifetime. At least, not this lifetime. Such visions of utopia have never really fit very well into the laws of physics (both Newtonian and Quantum). Newtonian Physics predicts and requires that things move from order to chaos. Quantum Physics is full of strange things. Since we think and therefore we are on the Quantum scale, our thoughts are strange and affected by so many variables, predicting what our brains will think of next is probably impossible without aligning a number of factors just so prior to observing the thought you thought you had predicted in your equations. See? Right.


But I digress. Let’s get back to the ‘un-jumping the gun’ idea which is a fallacy according to evidence of time travelers as produced on videos uploaded to YouTube. If you could travel back in time to a place where you ‘jumped the gun’, you could conceivably not jump it. This might sound like a good idea, but just remember, the ‘Butterfly Effect’ is like the ‘weak gravitational’ effect. Gravity is actually very weak at the quantum level; however, gravity is like Serrano peppers: the more there is, the stronger the force. The force builds until the entire structure of space and time collapses in on itself to form a Black Hole.



Ah, you are thinking Black Holes might be a non-PC term? Right. Why does it have to be a Black Hole? Why can’t it be a White Hole? Well, yes. It can be a white hole because the very idea that nothing ever escapes from a Black Hole’s gravity appears to be false. Black Holes seen with the use of various telescopes as the centers of huge flowing masses of gas and debris have enormous, luminous jets of gas shooting out of what must be their polar regions. If you are oriented above or below (relatively speaking) the polar regions of a Black Hole, it wouldn’t be black at all, but white, bright and powerful. In fact, the flip side of a Black Hole is a White Projection. Black pulling it all in and white shooting it all out. Yin/Yang and such.

I can’t prove or disprove any of what I just wrote simply because I cannot prove or disprove that my mind actually thought it in the first place or just picked it up from somewhere else when I was sleeping. I do know this one fact, which is verifiable if you search for it, that supports all my theories and goofy crap: America is a wonderful, magical place where you can go to Disney World at any age and, likewise, you can be born white and grow up to be black… if you have the time, the money and the inclination.


Politics Smolitics

I haven’t written a blog in a long time. I’ve been really busy living my life as the Fates have seen fit to hand me at the moment.

I love politics, I suppose, or else I wouldn’t listen to the news shows, talk radio and friends and family when the topic turns to the subject.

My daughter who graduates today from college with a degree in Creative Writing keeps telling me to separate my writing life from my personal life. That’s pretty hard to do sometimes. I love a good argument, if the participants keep it friendly, topical and above board. I read a lot stuff on the ‘innerneck’ and find them hilariously, uproariously ludicrous even on face value. I love to dig a little deeper and find out the source of these outlandish statements and stories. Normally, it doesn’t take a lot of research to find out I was right and the report was rubbish, maybe a bit entertaining, but otherwise a waste of time.

I love to find the facts that suit the story and then put them in the comments section just to make sure I’m doing my ‘civic duty’. I am a champion for truth I guess. Some tell me it is because of the stars. Being a Libra impels me to try to find balance where none exists. It also impels me to search for the grains of truth lost in the desert of misinformation. I can easily see how people can be deceived. I really can, but what I can’t see or understand is how or what makes them cling to the deceit or the deceit even in the face irrefutable proofs contrary to what they thought was the truth.

One thing I had the good fortune to receive from the Fates (or God, if you prefer), was the ability to see issues from a wide variety of perspectives. I do not have much trouble putting myself in the other persons shoes. In fact, I often give the other guy too much credit by over-thinking the why and wherefore of his/her actions or words. It seems that most people just open their mouths and allow words to escape randomly into the universe no matter what the result.

Making a great effort to ignore a lot of what pours forth from the mouths of imbeciles gets tiresome, but it is well worth the effort on down the line. Never go back and visit the comments of others after the first shock has worn off. By that time, you can bet they’ve already forgotten it and, in my experience, would deny having said it if you bring it up again.

Humans are strange people. They want to say everything  and anything at anytime to anyone, but they down’t want to accept the consequences of their words. I saw a post that astounded me today.

A woman I am friends with on Facebook put up one of those pre-made posts that said: Post your honest opinion of me. I will not comment on your posts. This was directed at everyone who sees her posts on Facebook. There was one comment that said “ummmm”. I was immediately struck by the innocuous insanity of the post. Do you really want all your Facebook friends to actually post their honest opinion of you? Really?

I don’t think so. Some people are just dumb. Others are dumber. Writing blog posts is hard.


Revise your revisions, please…. Your edits need editing!

For the last several weeks I’ve been engaged in that tedious chore every author despises: Revising and editing.

I don’t know how many times my works have been read, revised, edited, re-read, re-written, re-hashed and re-edited and still, there are errors to be found, if one is looking for them and sometimes when one is not looking for them. I am always slightly embarrassed and abashed when I run across some really doofus lines or punctuation errors in my stuff. But they are always there.

I actually believe there are little evil gremlins embedded in the works that undo what authors and editors do while they sleep. I know that brownies and imps and other mischievous entities wreak havoc on other parts of our environment. Why would they not have infested our technical devices as soon as we invented them. (Invented what? Entities? Technical Devices? Exactly my point!) That last sentence was vague and ambiguous, which means the same thing… screwed up enough to make you wonder what the hell I was talking about.

But interesting writing doesn’t always involve proper grammar and punctuation. Sometimes the lack of punctuation or an improperly used word can make a boring read something special. If only the editors for Hugo, Hemingway and Melville (I probably misspelled all their names) had left in a few errors just for laughs, my English Lit courses would have been a bit more tolerable. I’ve often wondered how in the world all the “old” or “classic” works seem to have absolutely NO errors in them. Is it because they are old and reworked many times? Or did editors simple do a better job back in the day?

At any rate, I wrote all that just to say this:

I’ve reworked my novels at Amazon and Createspace once again and corrected a number errors. Better yet, I’ve lowered most of the prices on the paperbacks and put the Kindle and Smashwords versions at $.99 each.  So if you’ve not started the series or if you’ve not ordered the paperbacks, they are now up and running.  Of course, I have aged a great deal, but don’t worry about me, just read and enjoy.


March Madness or Spring Fever begins today…

I am going to offer a free book each weekend from now through April 6. Be sure to get over to and pick up your free copies.

Today’s freebie is Tempo Rubato ~ Stolen Time, a regular $2.99 value. The adventure begins with a murder and a mystery. Elisse Manheim, a rather retiring professor at the Vienna Music Conservatory spends her time teaching music history and occasionally verifying the handwriting of her favorite composer, Wolfgang Mozart, as new manuscripts turn up. When she is asked to authenticate a letter found in a murder victim’s apartment, her skills are put to the test. The letter is no doubt authentic, but there is a problem. It is written on modern company stationery with a ball point pen.

Elisse is unable to put the anomalous letter out of her mind and some would say foolishly begins her own investigation into the origin of the mysterious letter. She soon finds herself over her head in corporate secrets when she leaves her job and goes to work for an unscrupulous corporation. Determined to follow through to the end, she risks everything, including her life to unravel the riddle of the impossible missive signed William A. Masters.

Also available in paperback:

Tempo Rubato

Tempo Rubato

Is Meredith Sinclair for Real?

I’ve had a lot of fans (and, yes, I do have enough fans to legitimately use the number ‘a lot’) comment on how ‘DUH!’ Meredith Sinclair’s character seems. The key word here is seems. Yes, Meredith seems pretty damned ‘duh’ at times. And yes, Meredith is actually based on ‘real people’. She is a composite of a number of ladies I have known. 

As we all know, everyone can be ‘duh!’ or ‘doh!’ as per Homer Simpson, but some are much duher or doher than others. Meredith, or Merry, as she was affectionately known, started as a spoiled brat in her mid twenties. She had been fortunate enough to have lived a relatively carefree life up until the time the indomitable Knight of Death walked into her home, barefoot and bleeding one sunny summer’s day.

Up until he arrived, her most demanding decision might have been what type of tea to have with lunch or what scent she wanted in her bath. Her every need, including most of her thoughts, were pre-determined, pre-packaged and predestined to make her exactly what she was when Mark Ramsay stepped out of the shadows and into the real world… her world.

He didn’t arrive looking for love and romance. He didn’t show up bearing gifts and words of woo for our curly blonde heroine. He was on a mission and she was simply drifting through life. Love had been the farthest thing from his mind when they met and her only ambition had been a rather selfish, perhaps even foolhardy notion grown most likely out of boredom. 

Merry and Mark’s paths crossed at exactly the right moment as fate would have it and their relationship grew out of desperation, frustration and chance. True, Mark’s character seemed to have the greater obstacles and the deeper troubles, but Meredith carried almost as much baggage as he did in the end.

Both Mark and Merry have long rows to hoe in the Red Cross of Gold series before they come to grips with their destinies. In the end, it is left to the reader to decide which of them can accept what the gods have in store for them.Image

Did You Miss Me??!!

In case anyone noticed, I’ve not been around much this season (meaning Fall) and now the Yuletide has passed seemingly without me. Believe me, I was quite shocked to learn the world would continue without me so well.

At any rate, I’ve been out of circulation since September, only occasionally peaking in on Facebook and other places here and there. It’s hard to believe I’ve missed almost four months of my usual haunts (no pun intended, but I did miss Halloween) and everything went off without a hitch. I also missed Thanksgiving, the Obamacare Roll Out and 99% of the Christmas Season.

I guess what I missed most was the Duck Dynasty Controversy, but fortunately, it is still rolling along. I may yet get to say a few words about it.

I just wanted everyone to know I am back at home, all is well and the best Christmas present of all was being able to spend it in my own home with my family around me… all three kids, their better halves, my better half, mom and dad, nieces and nephews, dogs and cats all making a lot of noise, breaking a lot of toys, drinking a little Christmas Cheer and eating a great deal more. Tis the little things like friends, family and home that make Christmas a grand time of year, whether you be a Duck Dynaster or a complete Scrooge, no one can disagree with the fact that love is the best of all things we enjoy in life.

I want to get back to work soon and do some writing, some Face-booking and goofing off. I’m looking forward to a better year for 2014 and I’m not taking no for an answer.

Happy Merry Holidays, Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Halloween or whatever you may call your own!! christmas tree

What About Poetry?

I’ve always been a little squeamish about admitting that I even write poetry. I’ve never published any other than a few I’ve written into my novels. Most of what I’ve written over the years has either been lost or deliberately destroyed for fear of someone reading them and then pointing that finger at me and saying “Ha! Ha!” like that mean little kid on the Simpsons.

So I’ve been writing a few poems and posting them somewhat reluctantly over on my account at  The reason for this change of heart is simple. I’ve decided to go ahead and win the Nobel Prize before I pass on to the happy hunting grounds and this year’s winner for literature writes short stories, and I learned that poetry is not far off the mark as well.

If you want to take a peek, just click on the link above. There are some short stories over there as well and some of them feature characters from my Red Cross of Gold series.